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Friday, August 12 2011


It's a strange feeling. On a sunday morning, being back after a week away. Back to 'my' church... But with this special feeling... Maybe it's because of holidays ? Maybe because of people who are not the same as usual ? Because of the way to sing and have joy in the celebration ? I don't know... Like something "it's good to be back" !

And during the mass, I was thinking "I should explain this on blog... but how ?"... I would like to share you all the feelings, all the special moments which occur during the celebration...

Like the songs we have on each important time... And the chill I feel when I sing with others, and with my whole heart. Even if I don't know the language[1], I know the meaning, and I feel it strong.

Like somes gestures made by children... Maybe they don't have 'faith' yet, as we can call it, but a special and very kind way to understand some symbols, feel that what's happening does worth. They are like naive models, and sometimes it can be good for us to observe them and foloow their way... Become simple, honnest, true...

Like the priest's talk about the Bible... It's often told with good sense of humor, even for very serious topics, and it gives us some ways to think about... For one minute, one hour, or sometimes one week !

Like silence after quite strong times... To keep focus on what we just heard, saw, felt... Go in self heart and enforce the faith... Or just pray, a few more minutes...

Like this very great moment, when we believe that Holy Spirit is coming to transform bread and wine in Body and Blood of Christ... The entire mystery of the mass is in these few minutes, and you can really experience the force then in the church...

I feel so lucky to have this, and believe in my God, and have the chance to live this each week ! :)


[1] in fact, as a religion's student, I know it, but I already felt the same with songs in german... for example