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Sunday, October 2 2011


During my holidays in august, I spent three days in a small village called Taizé, not far from my parents' farm. This is not only a village, but also a place to rest and pray. Not a sacred place, but somewhere you can go to take a break with habits, leave stressed life behind, all problems... Leave it for a while, and focus on your relationship to God.

I always felt good in this place. I already came several times, but it was for only one day, each time. This year I spent three whole days there, and it made a real difference; I could appreciate even more the break with my everyday life... With exam to prepare, stress at work... The calm of the church gave me what I needed to balance.

Pray. Sing. Repeat. Sing again. Silence. Feel God so close in this silence. Ask the good questions. Let the answers come. Slowly. Finally understand[1]. And sing again. Going out of the church, have a look at the watch and realize that I stayed there during more than two hours... as it seemed like a few minutes.

And last but not least... Got a new cross-bird ! ;)



[1] maybe...