Thursday, September 22 2011


In this hour, he should be on the road between Mumbai and Pune. Back home...

For me, this is the second time. Become friend with a wonderful person, and see this new friend leave after a few months... Hear these people tell how I'm mad, because I wish to know more... About them, their country, culture, language(s), religion...

Why am I closer to them than to any other colleague from my own team ? Why did I open this part of my blog specially for them ? Why do I feel this strong link with Bharat[1] now ?

One would maybe answer with karma... I think I just accept this marvelous occasion to meet and share with others... I think we all gain experience in this ; and I consider me so lucky living all this !

So yes... Sometimes it's painful, sometimes I feel a bit sad... But compared to taste the sweet of friendship, it's nothing ! :)

Fir milenge... See you soon, here or there !


[1] and even why using this name in place of India ?

Wednesday, September 14 2011


It was... maybe something like a challenge, or a joke. A friend told me today "You can just tell 'tensed' as your next title for Tigreek... You are always like this !"

Thik hai... You are right. Yes, I'm tensed before an exam... And I can assure you that yesterday was not the worse... I was quite confident, thanks to you all ! I knew I had my friends all around me, with thoughts if not in real... And it was probably the greatest force to feel this.

And you are right again, yes, I'm frightened by my boss. And I hate fight with others about work. I just dream about a work where we can trust everyone, tell as if everybody was acting for the same goal, and not having some hidden reasons in each sentences they say...

Anyway... Believe this if you can, but I learned a lot from indian people, and I'm far less tensed in my everyday life than I could have been a few years ago :)

And this evening, even if my daughter is ill, even if my boss is getting me under pressure, even if my house is in a mess, I feel free... Exam is done, I can have a break... And think about next step : next course, challenge, objective... Tensed ? Depends on the moment... but also on dedication ;)

Tuesday, July 19 2011

Thanks God !

This day started as an usual day... Monday morning, waking up, going to work...

But something is different... More smiles, unusual wishes... My phone rings, I can hear voice from old friends I lost since months... My e-mail is also becoming full with all messages I received.

Thanks all friends.
Bahut shukriya...
Thanks God.
For this day, for all friends, family,
for all these links, and...
for love.

Love will hold us together...