Thursday, September 22 2011


In this hour, he should be on the road between Mumbai and Pune. Back home...

For me, this is the second time. Become friend with a wonderful person, and see this new friend leave after a few months... Hear these people tell how I'm mad, because I wish to know more... About them, their country, culture, language(s), religion...

Why am I closer to them than to any other colleague from my own team ? Why did I open this part of my blog specially for them ? Why do I feel this strong link with Bharat[1] now ?

One would maybe answer with karma... I think I just accept this marvelous occasion to meet and share with others... I think we all gain experience in this ; and I consider me so lucky living all this !

So yes... Sometimes it's painful, sometimes I feel a bit sad... But compared to taste the sweet of friendship, it's nothing ! :)

Fir milenge... See you soon, here or there !


[1] and even why using this name in place of India ?